Up to date publications and patents issued or in application can be found on Google Scholar. The portfolio is intended to demonstrate the highlights in selected research and development projects.


COMPOSER: Compositional Learning of Group Activity in Videos
Honglu Zhou, Asim Kadav, Aviv Shamsian, Shijie Geng, Farley Lai,
Long Zhao, Ting Liu, Mubbasir Kapadia, Hans Peter Graf
ECCV, 2022

Self-supervised Video Representation Learning with Cascade Positive Retrieval
Cheng-En Wu, Farley Lai, Yu Hen Hu, Asim Kadav
L3D-IVU at CVPR, 2022
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SplitBrain: Hybrid Data and Model Parallel Deep Learning
Farley Lai, Asim Kadav, Erik Kruus
arXiv, 2021

Learning Higher-order Object Interactions for Keypoint-based Video Understanding
Yi Huang, Asim Kadav, Farley Lai, Deep Patel, Hans Peter Graf
SRVU at ICCV, 2021

Hopper: Multi-hop Transformer for Spatiotemporal Reasoning
H. Zhou, A. Kadav, Farley Lai, A. Niculescu-Mizil, R. Min, M. Kapadia, HP Graf
ICLR, 2021
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15 Keypoints Is All You Need
Michael Snower, Asim Kadav, Farley Lai, Hans Peter Graf
CVPR, 2020

Contextual Grounding of Natural Language Phrases in Images
Farley Lai, Ning Xie, Derek Doran, Asim Kadav
ViGIL at NeurIPS, 2019
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Visual Entailment: A Novel Task for Fine-grained Image Understanding
Ning Xie, Farley Lai, Derek Doran, Asim Kadav
ViGIL at NeurIPS, 2018
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Mobile Sensing

Workload Shaping Energy Optimizations with Predictable Performance for Mobile Sensing
Farley Lai, Marjan Radi, Octav Chipara, William G. Griswold
IoTDI, 2018

Stream Processing Optimizations for Mobile Sensing Applications
Farley Lai, Octav Chipara
Ph.D. Dissertation in CS, University of Iowa, 2017

Static Memory Management for Efficient Mobile Sensing Applications
Farley Lai, Daniel Schmidt, Octav Chipara
EMSOFT, 2015

CSense: A Stream-Processing Toolkit for High-Rate Mobile Sensing Applications
Farley Lai, Syed Shabih Hasan, Austin Laugesen, Octav Chipara
IPSN, 2014

AudioSense: Enabling Real-time Evaluation of Hearing Aid Technology In-Situ
Syed Shabih Hasan, Farley Lai, Octav Chipara, Yi-Hsien Wu
Best Student Paper Award, CBMS, 2013

Distributed Computing

Optimal Alternators with Reduced Space Complexity
Farley Lai, Shing-Tsaan Huang
Master Thesis in CS, National Central University, Taiwan, 2002


4 US patents issued and 12 in application as of 2022.

Learning Representations of Generalized Cross-modal Entailment Tasks
Farley Lai, Asim Kadav, Ning Xie
US11250299, 2022

False Alarm Reduction System for Automatic Manufacturing Quality Control
Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil, Renqiang Min, Eric Cosatto, Farley Lai, Hans Peter Graf, Xavier Fontaine
US11087452, 2021

Unsupervised Neighbor-preserving Embedding for Image Stream Visualization and Anomaly Detection
Renqiang Min, Farley Lai, Eric Cosatto, Hans Peter Graf
US10885627, 2021

Unsupervised Image-based Anomaly Detection Using Multi-scale Context-dependent Deep Autoencoding Gaussian Mixture Model
Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil, Renqiang Min, Eric Cosatto, Farley Lai, Hans Peter Graf, Xavier Fontaine
US10853937, 2020